Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

After digging through the A&F archives, the last time Elijah attended a Hollywood awards event was in 2011, so when he showed up at this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, it was a pleasant surprise.

The SAG Awards was celebrating their 30th year, so fittingly, Elijah and Sean Astin were part of their epic cast reunions. With Elijah and Mette-Marie hand in hand on the grey carpet and Sean by his side on stage, the show made for long-overdue festivities. Click here to see photos of how glamorous they looked.

Here’s a short video of their presentation for Best Supporting Actress and a little fun jabbing concerning a previous SAG awards show. You can still watch the ceremony in its entirety over at Netflix.

Putting the awards aside, it was business as usual for Elijah in the Pacific Northwest. First, he and Zach Cowie, better known as the DJ duo of Wooden Wisdom, visited Seattle and Portland for a couple of gigs. Clicky-ticky for the photos, and here’s a small compilation of videos from the events.

Then he moved on up to attend Fan Expo Vancouver, and there is a video of his Q&A which is a bit shaky from time to time.

We all know how much Elijah loves horror and being on a haunted ship seems right up his alley. Daniel Noah joined him on The Queen Mary for a paranormal outing.  A podcast of their experience is planned, and I can’t wait to hear what went down.

Daniel and Elijah are doing much more than hanging out with ghosts. They announced to have joined forces with some ex-employees from Mondo to form a new division of SpectreVision called Mutant. They will focus on movies, television, music, and other art collectibles. You can read more about their exciting venture here.

They’re also kicking off the long-awaited second season of their successful podcast Visitations that will take place live at the South by Southwest Festival in a few weeks.

The More You Know. Did you know today marks the 20th anniversary that The Return of the King swept the Academy Awards, winning 11 statues in every category it was nominated for? Throughout Oscar’s history, no other film has done it, and not one since.

I found a newly posted video from Wooden Wisdom’s appearance at Magic Con in Vegas last September. The One Ring Guy shares a cool story of bumping into Elijah and Zach.

Remember to check out the Scheduled Events on the main page because stopovers in Texas and Germany have been added to the convention list, with Emerald City Comic Con happening this weekend.

Lastly, since South by Southwest (SXSW) is around the corner, I’d like to spotlight an old interview for the Video of the Month… and give it up for Elijah for still sounding intelligent even though he seems a little tipsy.

That’s all… for now.

February 29, 2024