Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

Another month has come and gone which brings us to a new year and a very special occasion. Today is Elijah’s birthday! Not just any birthday, it’s his 40th birthday, but first….

Fagoria’s Chainsaw Awards are open for voting, and there are a few categories that pertain to Elijah. Click here to cast your vote.

There’s a new monthly blog discussing the works from SpectreVisoin. This month starts with Toad Road. Go check it out and bookmark it!

Take a listen to this Amber Sealey interview conducted last month on Making Movies Is Hard podcast. Among other topics of film making, Amber addresses directing her latest film with Elijah, No Man of God, and overcoming the obstacles that came with it. Her discussion begins at 27:30.

Last year was a strange time for viewing new films, but Dread Central readers have voted SpectreVisions’s Color out of Space the best genre movie of 2020!

It seems like yesterday I first saw Elijah on the screen, but that was 29 years ago. It’s gratifying to know that he’s kept his head on straight and is still going strong, showing no signs of letting up. Well, the past 11 months has slowed us all down while this pandemic goes on, but it will pass one day and things can get back to normal.

Click on the image above to be taken to some greetings, artworks and videos wishing Elijah a Happy Birthday.

January 28, 2021