Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

There have been some exciting developments on Bookworm. We were hit with the poster, and then the trailer was released, and it looks absolutely charming! Not only that, Vertical Entertainment has picked it up for distribution later this year in the U.S. No word yet on whether it will be on streaming platforms, but let’s hope for a theatrical release.

The icing on the cake is that Bookworm will have its world premiere as the opening night feature at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Elijah will be in Montreal for the festivities beginning July 18th.

The film’s cinematographer has also posted a few on-set photos. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] and this stunner! [9]

Bookworm isn’t the only trailer to come about. The trailer for the upcoming animated series Among Us is also out.

There’s an update on the new horror film that was completed before we even knew Elijah was going to be in it, The Monkey. The theatrical release date has been set for early 2025, and the director, Osgood Perkins, has dropped a few intriguing details on the tonal feel of the movie. You can read all about it here.

Once again, Elijah surprised us with his love for hamburgers. Prompted by his friend Alvin, he embarked on a Burger Bucket List, which turned out to be a delightful journey through his life in burgers, as Elijah himself described it. I took the liberty of snagging some screencaps as well.

Here are a couple of photos from a recent event with Elijah and Daniel during a discussion about non-human intelligence portrayed in movies. [1] [2]

Tomorrow, July 1st, Elijah is scheduled to attend Comic Con Bogota in Columbia. To all those going, have an amazing time!

Lastly, there has been some changing of hands at SpectreVision. They have appointed a new partner, the President of Production, and have revealed a new animated version of the SpectreVision logo. While you’re at it, check out their newly designed, vertigo-inducing website.

While Elijah is hard at work shooting the new season of Yellowjackets, let’s take a look back at the production of another one of his films for July’s Video of the Month, Grand Piano, which he has claimed to be the best time he’s had working on a movie.

That’s all… for now.

June 30, 2024