Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

First, there were chicken wings. Now Elijah is eating hamburgers. He’s such an indelible foodie! The new season of The Burger Show is currently airing on YouTube and Elijah will be a guest on an upcoming segment. Maybe even today’s, but you can watch the trailer, and keep an eye out for Elijah’s episode.

As wonderful and compelling as No Man of God is, thus far it’s lacking in awards recognition which I hope will soon change. For now, its sole honor came from the EnergaCAMERIMAGE International Film Festival this month. Karina Silva’s distinct camera work on the film was in competition for Cinematographers Debut. Being a photographer, I find this absolutely fascinating, but please have a read where Karina discusses the details on her techniques and approach to photographing the film.

Speaking of awards, what ever happened to the Fright Meter Awards? Elijah was nominated for Best Actor for his astounding work in Come To Daddy. Stephen McHattie also scored a nod, as well as Color Out of Space in multiple categories. Nominations were announced back in February but that was the end of that. Anyone know? Drop me a line.

If the first set wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, you’re in luck. More photos were released from Elijah’s interview with The Times in September.

PosterSpy is releasing a book chock full of fan-made art entitled, Mandy: The Ultimate Poster Collection. This is obviously from SpectreVision’s psychedelic trippy film, Mandy, and the art book is scheduled to be released in May.

It took a while but the Fan Art section is in place, which makes the final portion of the site live and as time passes, more additions will come. I hope to receive some fresh artworks from you artists out there, so send them along.

As we step foot into December I’m sure we’re all waiting in anticipation of some kind of celebration, function, or acknowledgment of the 20th anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring which opened in theaters in 2001. The first of the trilogy, the film set a precedence on how movies would be made in the 21st century. I hope by the time the next recap comes around, there will be some festivities to report on.

That’s all… for now.

November 30, 2021