Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

First off, the Screen Actors Guild strike ended on November 8th, so all the hush-hush talk about movies and television is lifted. After three months, 26 days, and seven conventions, Elijah missed opportunities to speak in depth about his past and upcoming projects, either solo or with SpectreVision, so bring it on!

Now, let’s get to some photos and videos!

Elijah started off November with the first of three conventions, Comic Con Stockholm. His full panel discussion hasn’t been uploaded yet, but there is an excerpt video from it.

The second convention happened in The Netherlands, the Dutch Comic Con, and there are full videos from both of his Q&As from the event. [Day 1] [Day 2]

To finish out this busy month, last weekend, Elijah was back on home soil with his three bros for Fan Expo San Francisco.

Since this one is still fresh, there hasn’t been an upload of the guys’ full Q&A, but there are a couple of introductions, [Intro 1] [Intro 2] a hilarious Full House intro, and a rousing game of Family Feud, Lord of the Rings edition.

This weekend is the last convention of the year… unless another one is squeezed in, and that’s LA Comic Con on December 2nd and 3rd. They haven’t updated their site yet, but Elijah will attend both days with the guys.

Already more cons have been slated for 2024, beginning with New Orleans Fan Expo, January 5-7, and Liverpool Comic Con, May 4-5.

Taking a sidestep here, there’s a pretty decent analysis on YouTube about Maniac, which reviews other horror remakes and why this one “stands out as a refreshingly innovative remake that warrants recognition for its contribution to the genre.”

I have a soft spot for Green Street Hooligans since I and a small group of friends made an effort to help bring the movie to theaters. In a recent article, The Athletic focuses on the making of Green Street. While Elijah wasn’t interviewed for the piece, there are some fascinating stories from others involved on how the movie came to be, from script to casting, filming, and the impact of making the film.

We’re approaching the 20th anniversary of the release of The Return of the King. It could be due to the prolonged actors strike or efforts to gather so many together, but it looks as if there won’t be a formal celebration to mark this event, which is truly unfortunate. Nevertheless, I’m choosing a sentimental Video of the Month – the preparation, World Premiere, and after party of the film in Wellington, New Zealand.

That’s all… for now.

November 30, 2023