Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

The way this year has shaped up for Elijah, the convention trail, and other special appearances have surpassed the extensive schedule from last year, so let’s start at the beginning with photos from Comic Con Scotland, along with the video of the full Q&A, and more photos from Monster Mania Con in Maryland.

Next on the agenda was Magic Con in Las Vegas, where Wooden Wisdom made a musical appearance. How about a quick compilation of short clips taken by those who attended?

The Paris Manga and Sci-Fi Show just wrapped up, and there are plenty of photos from the event. Hold on, there’s more! Usually, there is one Q&A session at cons, but Elijah had one for each day. Click for the Saturday session and click again for the one from Sunday.

There are still more conventions to be had before the year’s end, like Comic Con Stockholm, happening this coming weekend, Dutch Comic Con, taking place November 18th and 19th, and the fabulous foursome at Fan Expo San Francisco, November 24th-26th, and L.A. Comic Con, December 1st-3rd.

We lacked in the Q&A video department from the previous conventions, but uploads have come from Dragon Con, which was a terrific session with Elijah and Andy, and Comic Con Northern Ireland.

While I was off playing around in the southwest U.S., the first look of Elijah’s character, Fritz Garbinger, in The Toxic Avenger flooded the internet. I was not expecting him to look so disturbing, but he must’ve had fun!

The Toxic Avenger had premieres at Fantastic Fest, Sitges Film Festival, and Beyond Fest, and the early reviews are in, which has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It looks like director Macon Blair hit the right notes with his reboot of the cult classic. Read what they’re saying in the reviews from Mashable, Discussing Film, The Pitch, and SlashFilm.

If that isn’t enough to thrill the Toxie fans, a NSFW, character-free teaser trailer was released.

Here are some images of Elijah posing for quick photos with fans during Fantastic Fest, where he made a brief appearance, other events, and with game developer Hideo Kojima. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

In collaboration with Pluto TV, Elijah and Daniel hosted a special screening of their super-trippy, critically acclaimed film, Mandy, two weeks ago and just one day before another joint venture. A full video of their movie introduction has yet to be uploaded, but there is a little sumptin‘ and sumptin‘.

Again, with Pluto TV, the guys live-streamed on SpectreVision’s Instagram account, and it was a blast! They hosted a film marathon featuring women in horror as they sat with viewers during the first movie, The Babadook. Questions were answered, and they regaled us with tales of many things besides movies. I took it upon myself to edit a six-minute video, complete with some fun graphics, chiseled down from their two-hour live recording.

However, you can rewatch, or watch for the first time, their entire stream, which is on SpectreVision’s Instagram account.

The first project they hinted at was announced as their new, under-the-radar horror movie, Rabbit Trap.

It’s been a while since artworks were added, so check out new ones in our artwork section, and click over to the fantastic website of Crafting Moonlight. There are also a few new smartphone backgrounds.

It just gets better! There have been some Funko Pop characters created of Norval from Come to Daddy, and Walter from Yellowjackets. You should check out Fancy Fandom’s site to see other Yellowjackets characters and more.

The Afterparty will not return for a third season, so that small cameo we saw Elijah in was just that.

Who’s the biggest fan of horror and what does a photoshoot with a spider look like?

Speaking of horror, though it was posted three years ago, here’s a video I just discovered that dives into the POV aspect of Maniac. Warning: It’s probably not for you if you don’t want spoilers or can’t handle gore.

And finally, a little housekeeping. After weighing the pros and cons… mostly cons, I’ve decided to scrap the Twitter (X) feeds from A&F’s and Elijah’s timelines at the bottom of our homepage. Their platform has become unreliable, and the feeds won’t work, so in place of it, I’ve changed it up and will feature a “Video of the Month” instead. These will be almost anything. Old, new, short, long, a fan favorite, or one you may not have seen before. What better way to kick it off than with something that kicked off Over The Garden Wall? The short animated film Tome of the Unknown, perfect for this time of year.

That’s all… for now, and Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2023