Always & Forever: Elijah Wood

Life Biography

How does one describe Elijah Wood? An independent, cordial, inquisitive spirit comes to mind. While his exuberance started him in show business over three decades ago, his talent, professionalism, and expressive face with intense blue eyes keep him there. Elijah’s enduring performance in Hollywood puts him in the elite class of the few former child actors of his generation still working today. He can uphold large franchises, lift independent projects into the mainstream, and in all that time, whatever role he plays, he makes every project better for his contribution. Elijah is a versatile character actor with incredible range. He strives for integrity in his work and as an individual, making him a favorite to work with. He is an enthusiastic actor, producer, and passionate sharer of music. All that Elijah does breathes his zest for life and his art. Our continuous and comprehensive unofficial biography delves into aspects of Elijah’s life, career, setbacks, successes, ideas, and realities that have guided him to be the person he is today.